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Current Health Issues In Tobago
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Accidents & Injuries

Tobago Emergency Management Agency

Includes statistics, reports, news, community training sessions, programmes, and activities for disaster prevention, preparation and mitigation; as well as contacts for emergency response in Tobago.  (Formerly National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) Tobago)

Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) / Trinidad & Tobago

Provides emergency information, directory for Emergency Services, and contact information for shelters throughout Trinidad & Tobago. Also includes links to the Ministry of National Security, NEMA, and other National and Regional emergency organizations.

Violence & Injuries Prevention
Web-site for WHO's VIP (Violence and Injuries Prevention) Department. Provides information on worldwide injury and violence issues; injury surveillance; and trauma care. Also provides links to online UN publications, including the "World Report on Violence and Health".

Safety Topics
Links to information on all aspects of safety, including CPR and first-aid; and guidelines for proper use of equipment and vehicles.

Domestic Violence
Includes an overview of domestic violence, as well as the symptoms; prevention; law and policy; and issues for male and female victims.

Disaster & Emergency
Includes the latest news from the U.S. on prevention and management of disasters and emergencies. Includes links to disaster organisations; information on coping for different age groups; screening potential hazard sites; and law and policy.

Injury Control Resource Information Network
Information on poisonings, drownings, violence, fire and burns, transport and occupational safety.  Also includes information on prevention of violence and unintentional injuries as well as a global map for Internet resources for injury control.

AIDS / HIV & Other Sexually Transmitted Infections

National Minority Aids Council   
Links to information on AIDS/HIV programs, virtual conferences and online  publications. Also includes online audiovisual presentations by AIDS/HIV experts.

A world- wide aids organization providing fact sheets; the latest information on treatment alternatives and natural products for aids; as well as links to conferences and the aids site of the month. 

AVAC (Aids Vaccine Advocacy Coalition)

A non-profit organization that uses public education, policy analysis, advocacy and community mobilization to accelerate the ethical development and global delivery of AIDS vaccines and other HIV prevention options. Includes links to organizational reports and activities, and up-to-date information about aids vaccines.

Worldwide coverage of AIDS/HIV. Includes the latest news/press releases, speeches, video-clips, statistics, publications, upcoming events and what's new from the UN.



With the use of a search engine, this site offers detailed information on a range of cancers such as prostate, ovarian, brain and skin.

American Cancer Society
Comprehensive information on all types of cancer, including prevention, treatment options, chemotherapy, alternative treatment methods and .  Also includes the latest news, breakthroughs and links to other web-sites.

Breast Cancer
In-depth information on diagnosis, management and treatment of breast cancer; with links to videos, patient experiences and celebrity stories. Provided by the NHS - National Health Service (U.K.)


TRHA Information On Diabetes Risk
Note: links to fulltext documents prepared by the TRHA Public Health Education Committee will soon be added

WHO Diabetes Fact Sheet
Information by the World Health Organization on diabetes including symptoms diagnosis, treatment, prevention, prevalence and complications (such as heart disease, neuropathy, retinopathy and kidney failure).


A wealth of information on all aspects of diabetes provided by the National Institute of Diabetes Digestive & Kidney Diseases (USA). Includes links to the Diabetes Dictionary and full-text booklets on nutrition, medications and prevention of diabetes.

Diabetes Public Health Resource
Answers provided to questions on symptoms, risk factors, treatment, causes, and prevention. Links to other web-sites for additional information.

Complementary And Alternative Medical Therapies for Diabetes

Current insights on alternative therapies and herbs. Information provided by the National Diabetes Intervention Clearinghouse (U.S. Government)

American Diabetes Association
A wealth of information on diabetes, including on-line self-tests and results. Provides a special section on the African American Program for diabetes.

The Diabetes Mall

News and alerts on the latest developments on diabetes as well as control tips and alternative therapies. Includes fun sites, and an online bookstore.



Doctor's Guide to Hypertension Information & Resources
"The latest medical news and information for patients... with hypertension".  Includes access to discussion groups and links to other web-sites.

Life Clinic Guide to Blood Pressure
Basic facts about hypertension, lifestyle issues, home monitoring, risk factors and treatment.  Includes a hypertension dictionary and access to discussion groups.

Articles from the Trinidad & Tobago Press

"The KILLER FIVE" (Major Health Issues in Trinidad & Tobago)
Special article from the Trinidad Express newspaper

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